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Comfortable silence

I love the moments of silence in company of people dear to you - a lover or perhaps an old friend.

It is comforting and serene, where there is no urge, no compulsion to fill the void with words. Instead, it is a gentle quiet that wraps around like a warm blanket.

There’s a lingering feeling of sweet melancholy, the feeling of being together yet in our own worlds. These moments are liberating, the fear of being judged as uninteresting disappears, so does the desire to entertain or impress.

Over time, you’ve said all there is to say, known all there is to know. Words have fulfilled its purpose, so now silence can take its place.

In these moments, my mind finds stillness. It’s a time when I can be my true self, free from the masks and roles of everyday life; savouring the simple joy of being at ease.