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beyond reason - what i learnt from buying the perfect bike

about six months ago, i started contemplating the purchase of a new bike. my existing ride was sufficient, but i longed for a more powerful machine - one that brought me joy beyond mere commuting.

i wanted to buy the perfect bike for me, just that i had no clue on what it meant.

i began observing bikes on the road, getting excited when i see a bike which suits my taste and my head nodding sideways in disapproval when i see one which i detest.

i started to consume bike related content through various online forums and videos. i sought opinions from friends and even strangers, going so far as to follow a person to his parking lot to inquire about his bike.

slowly, almost unknowingly, i formed a picture of my perfect bike. then one day i spotted a bike on the road and knew it was the one. guided by this feeling i booked it immediately.

however, during the waiting period for its delivery my initial enthusiasm went away. doubts crept in as i saw other bikes, wishing i had explored more options. nevertheless, it was too late to change anything.

I received the bike a few days ago. upon riding it, any reservations i had disappeared. it felt as if it was indeed made for me. i loved the colour, the thump and its curves. it felt delightful, and personal.

this experience made me realise something. deep down we understand our true desires. once we acknowledge and marinate it, our actions and behaviours guide us towards what we seek. i guess this guiding force, the result of a long subconscious deliberation, is what intuition or gut feeling really is.

when this feeling arises, we shouldn’t let logic and reason interfere. it is best to act on it immediately - for these actions often bring us closer to ourselves.