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be the *human* in the loop

some envision a future where ai renders humans obsolete;  many remain unconcerned, going about their everyday lives. i prefer to strike a balance, staying at the forefront of developments and figuring out how to stay relevant.

in its current form, ai is a tool that helps people be more efficient. it can help people and industries become insanely productive by acting as a co-pilot. however, there is  the need for human guidance and oversight, which essentially determines the quality of output since the technology remains the same.

so how do you stay relevant in the age of ai ? by being the human in the loop. this involves two key aspects:

  1. effective prompting: firstly, we need to know how to communicate with ai, also called prompting. contrary to what many believe, i think that constructing good prompts is not a separate skill. the ability to prompt well is related to one’s expertise in the domain. the more precise and specific the instructions, the better the outcome. any problem of with reasonable value cannot be solved as it is, it needs to be broken down into smaller problems which is only possible through experience and expertise.

  2. assessing quality: current llms can lie with confidence / hallucinate. once ai provides its output, it is up to the human expert to judge its correctness,  quality and decide if further iteration is necessary. this requires good taste, developed through exposure and genuine curiosity.

beyond problem-solving, ai can be useful as a creative muse. knowing when to use ai is just as important as knowing how to use it. it can assist in brainstorming ideas, generating new questions, and exploring possibilities that may not have been apparent.  we should leverage ai not as a crutch, but as a catalyst for human ingenuity.

the real winners of the ai revolution would be those who embrace the role of ai as both a co-pilot and a creative muse - collaborating with it and complimenting their capabilities with our unique human skills, by being the human in the loop.